Author Topic: Does HYIP industry have a future?  (Read 412 times)


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Does HYIP industry have a future?

« on: November 16, 2019, 02:38:54 AM »
Since the end of 2011, HYIP industry went on an inclined plane and lost investors who left with minuses or in general with nothing from here more and more. The situation did not change till this days, earnings in HYIPs is extremely risky and the only thing you can rely on is -- inside.

In fact, every month admins try to make new projects and many of them really quite good, but people simply do not invest in these HYIPs, and all cash accumulates in several "successful" projects.

Add here a factor of crypto investing, which allows to make good profit, much more than with HYIPs, on price volatility. I think that the cryptocurrency trend in the HYIP industry will continue to increase. There are already lots of ICOs, which in fact are HYIPs.

Of course, HYIPs will not cease to exist, as well as investors who earn here, however every new year profitability of projects will fall as administrators, in search of steadier, "antiscam" model, will choose option of smaller percent, and investors will put less money in projects.

Perhaps, in the future HYIP-industry will be urged on by the next round of instability in the world when people start to look for available and rather easy ways of money earnings.