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Digital Marketing


Academic Writing

Data Entry

Developing website and apps

Graphic designing


Selling products on an e-commerce website

Start content writing work

Sell products on Facebook or Instagram

Offering Tax services

Become a Reviewer


All ways that are mentioned above require some sort of skill but in some, you just need to give your time.


Most people especially students are familiar with the term freelance. A freelancer is a person who is self-employed and is not committed to any specific employer.

In many fields and industries, the term freelancing is common. Music, writing, acting, web design, graphic design, translating, illustrating, film and video production are the fields where freelancing is predominant.

Some companies or organizations hire freelancers. Freelancers work with companies or organizations and this does not make them their employee rather they work with that company on a contract basis.

All these works you can do at 1Buy3 because this is a freelacncing website and giving many free earning options.

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